June 15, 2019

Quacks; and I don’t mean ducks.

Wonky Water weirdness and quackery : Junk Science in the Marketplace

I may sound off from time to time, but this is what a Chemistry Professor has to say:

The market for “alternative” health products is a large and growing one, aided partly by the general decline in science education and the attendant popularity of pseudoscientific beliefs and entertainments in the popular culture. It’s no wonder then, that the hucksters and snake-oil salesmen have rushed in to feed the needs of the notoriously credulous seekers of holistic wellness.

But more seriously, folks in truly poor or unsecure health are also being taken in, often paying hundreds of dollars for worthless nostrums and devices that purport to energize, revitalize or restructure water so as to restore health, reverse aging, and even improve the harmony of the world.

As a retired Chemistry professor who has given courses on the chemistry of water, it disturbs me to see crackpot chemistry and pseudoscientific mind-mush used to promote this bunk to consumers whose lack of scientific training leaves them unprotected from this exploitation. My purpose is to examine the scientific credibility of the claims made about these products in the hope that those who are concerned about their health, but who lack the technical background to distinguish science from pseudoscience when the two are closely intertwined, can make more informed decisions.

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