June 15, 2019

The Healing Weekend, Haverfordwest

Rosemary Griffiths does such a painstaking job in dressing the hall to create the right ambience, and she succeeds.

The footfall is nowhere like that we see at the larger shows, but it is the quality that counts. Because of the low numbers there is no need for both Marjorie and I to be at our stand, so I wander around networking.

There was a programme of talks and workshops thoughout the day, and I went to the first one where Lee, a Romany, was going to do a demonstration of clairvoyance. I was very impressed with what he was able to tell people with the messages he was getting from the other side, so I told Marjorie to attend his session on the second day. Marjorie was quivering with excitement when she returned to our stand and she related her experience.

Lee told Marjorie that my late father had come to tell her that he was always by my side. Lee kept getting a message about Ireland, and when Marjorie said that we also exhibit in Ireland he told her that my father was with us there. He carried on to say that one of us was weakening about the business and my father’s advice was to be strong and carry on. Then came the most amazing part. He knew that my daughter had problems when she was part of a coven, and she did the right thing by leaving to be a hedgewitch.

My two dowsing workshops went well. It is gratifying to see the amazement on the faces of my “students” when they find that they can dowse.