June 15, 2019

Big Thank You:~



oh wondrous tree

where did you hide so long?

4000 years in history

is way too long, too long…..

Indians and shamans

knew your village pharmacy

salvation seeds, leaves

and bark

more than we could


Neem is as old as forever and as new as tomorrow

Dear Sidney and Marjorie,
I want to say a big thank you for introducing me to your products. I met you at the Alternative Fair at Narberth and bought shampoo, conditioner, cream, pills and tea, you see how much faith you instilled in me for your products before I had even tried them!

My faith was well founded, I have had psoriasis in my scalp for some time now and have been looking for a completely organic product. On the first washing with the shampoo/conditioner I was delighted to find that for the first time I was not scratching my scalp due to irritation.

I was also amazed at the small amount of shampoo/conditioner needed, and at the wonderful clean feel and condition of my hair. I have used the cream on other psoriasis spots and it feel much `calmer`, I will be recommending you to friends and family and buying more of your wonderful products. I hope to see you both soon to say thank you personally.

Susan Gray.

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