May 21, 2019


Thank you, been lost without the cream, it is the miracle cream.



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Thank you Sidney and Marjorie.

I will take into account that you may be away. Top class service as ever, I am a very satisfied customer and I love the neem products, especially the cream. 

I look forward to my delivery and will endevour to support your business and spread the neem love.

Best wishes

Rebecca – 17 May 2012


Dear the neempeople in the UK!

My friend Graham C…. sent me a month ago Neem leaves and Neem tea and skin care of neem.. I appreciate the product of the Neem tea very very much. I really feel it helps to cleanse my liver and intestines and my stomach… So I would love to order again myself this time… But I saw OUT of Stock! How long is it out of stock? Can you sent me an e-mail when and how I can order it in the future?

Hopefully you can respond. I also use the Neem skin care daily on a place behind my ear what is already itchy for years and it is helping to reduce!!!

I am very content with that too!

Well thanks a lot to have a business in NEEM!

Kind regards,






 Found in Brecon

“Hi Sidney,
I received both pots of neem cream – – yesterday. Thanks very much. I’ll be sure to buy more products from you in the future and spread the word about your neem products to friends and family.
My partner and I came to Beacons of Light where your wife applied some neem lotion to our hands. I soon realised it was a bit special as the fresh scar on my partners hand had faded!
I have a friend with eczema and one with psoriasis so I hope they get some.
Kind Regards,

On Wed, Apr 21, 2012



and thank you so much for such a good product as i can see it’s working! After only one application it stopped itching!!

Best regards

Margaryta – 30 March 2012

Hi Sydney, I received my shampoo and soap today thank you very much.  I look forward to seeing you and Marjorie in Earls Court in May.  Hope you have lots of Neem shampoo and the wonderful soap,

Kind Regards

Pat Dickinson


Thank you so much Sidney for your reply and time taken to respond to my questions – it’s really appreciated.

I ordered some neem cream a while back for my son and ran out of my regular moisturiser at the time so used the neem – and it was just as good if not better than my ‘expensive’ moisturiser.  I have been meaning to try it again for ages, as I have to be careful what I use on my skin as its really sensitive – hopefully it will suit my skin and I can then stock up!!!

Thanks for your advice on the toothpaste too, and for sending the oil – again much appreciated.

I generally dont like taking tablets, even herbal ones, however was wondering if taking neem internally can help digestive problems?

Many Thanks again,

Best Wishes, Claire   21 Feb 2012

In addition to my usual dental regime, I’m brushing my teeth with the bark twice a day. How much is helpful to use. I’d say I use about a third of a teaspoon each time. Is this what you would recommend? Im noticing a lot of improvement in my gum health … [Read more…]

You are welcome, Marjorie and Sidney.
It’s warm for me to deal whith you, i feel kindness.
I am glad your quality products are available through the net for me.
Perhaps later i will be able to distibute them as i’m leaving Paris for South of France, at Frontignan…
Anyway, i tell you as soon as i receive your sending.
Best wishes.
Francis. 10 Jan.2012

Today in the mail I finally received my Neem Cream.  From the looks of the package, I would guess the postal service has been handling it a great deal – perhaps because of the bad weather up north.  Anyway, I would guess this is the second jar of cream you sent because of the length of time it took to get here.  I can not tell from the postage as it is largely unfamiliar to me – and the only date I can make out appears to be 4/1/11 — which of course isn’t here yet.

I am aware that you said you mailed out a third jar – and I will GLADLY pay you for that.  Can not tell you how much I love this cream- I use it for my eczema, and as a night cream for all my wrinkles (which have gotten considerably worse since I ran out of cream.)  I am overjoyed to once again have it and am ever hopeful that we are back on track.  Will let you know when the other jar gets here as I will need you to bill me so I can pay through paypal.  Thank you so much for working so hard to get this to me.  I am ever appreciative.

Gini Edwards
13 Feb.2011 – Florida, USA
Sidney to Gini: May I use this as a testimonial?
Gini to Sidney: Of course you can – I love your product – and please know – if I receive two more I will gladly pay for two more.  Plan to be your customer forever.