May 21, 2019

Greener Grass

Bill’s Friends and The Healing Weekend

The late Bill Harrison – RIP – hosted The Healing Weekend within the grounds of his home in Somerset and the atmosphere was very special, as was dear Bill. His newly moved in neighbours felt overwhelmed by the annual invasion and forced Bill to move the event to the fields opposite, where the same “invasion” continued. One of Bill’s boasts was that it never rained on his weekend, but his luck ran out eventually.

It was fun (?) to start with, but squelching through the muck took the gloss off. On one stormy weekend marquees were blown over, but the diehards grinned and bore it. Then, Bill was with us no more.

Bill’s friends felt that his work had to carry on and continue to organize The Healing Weekend at a new venue – still in fields – at Hidden World, Highbridge, Somerset. They have managed to maintain the atmosphere that Bill created. We will be there this weekend and hope that the fields are dry and free of sheeps’ poo, and that the grass has been cut. We are looking forward to a good (in every sense of the word) weekend.