June 15, 2019

A Corker?

Not quite so.

Our little Vanette was packed to the gunnels, as it is better to carry more stock rather than run out during an exhibition. The last thing to be literally squeezed in was a ten foot Liquid Amber plant which was a present for our landlady Ann Ryan at Hillcrest, South Douglas.

Fortunately the weather calmed and our crossing was smooth and on time. We stopped for breakfast at Dungarvan and got to Cork ahead of schedule inspite of the roadworks. Photographers will tell you to always carry your camera, and we did not bring our so we missed a classic. Picture this: roughly ten in the morning, roadworks allowing controlled traffic to flow in one direction at a time; manually operated stop/go signal; signal operator on the edge of a chair, head on the back rest, fully stretched out, cap covering his face. When he gets the word to change the signal he stretches his hand, turns the signal and reverts to his position. I am sure he tells his wife he had a hard day at work. How would you caption the shot we did not take?

Ann was expecting us as we asked if we could leave our suitcases there while we set up for the exhibition, but she did not expect to see the Liquid Amber being pulled out of our van. She was delighted.

Cork is a three day show and the event runs from 1.00pm tp 9.00pm on Friday, which makes it a long day for exhibitors. Understandably, it was a slow start and then perked up a bit but we dreaded the thought of hanging on until 9.00pm hoping that people would come in. It was worth the wait because there was a flurry of people coming there after work.

Never mind, Saturday will bring in the crowds. Marjorie and I had decided that this could be our last trip to Cork and the dismal day most exhibitors had strengthened our decision. But wait! Sunday was a dream day and we soon forgot Saturday.