June 15, 2019

No blues in Cardiff

The Vision for Living Exhibition

The Vision for Living exhibition in Swansea is always well supported, and last weekend was no different. As always, we met our old friends, aka customers, and also some very interesting new people. It saddens us when we cannot help with some of the problems they bring to us, but we will tell them the truth as we see it.

Kim’s family used to be allowed to do the catering at the event, but the hotel saw it as a money earner and decided to do it themselves – at inflated prices. I was not the only one to go the nearby shopping area to forage.   Dinners were an absolute treat at the Mint and Mustard, 134 Whitchurch and the Thali at the next door Chai, on our last night, brought back gastronomic memories.

Saved by the bell! I realised that I was to do a talk on Dowsing 20 minutes before the scheduled time – rushed around putting together the few implements I had brought along – and was amazed to see the crowd waiting for me, with and age span from 8 to 80. A young girl was a natural, and soon found a coin her mother had hidden

The talk must have gone well because almost all came to our stand to buy dowsing tools. Hopefully my “pupils” will use their dowsing skills to separate the wheat from the chaff at Mind Body Spirit exhibitions.

I am persuaded to add a Dowsing section to my website.