June 15, 2019

Never Had it So Good

You cannot be serious.

We have no mortgage, no investments, no pension plans, no worries! Or so we thought. However, we do not live in a bubble and the ripple effect – pardon the mixed metaphors – touches nearly everyone.

We travel the length and breadth of the country, and to Ireland, in our mission of promoting the benefits of the Healing Neem Tree exhibiting at Mind, Body, Spirit type exhibitions, and exhibited on an average of twice  a month. We had to reduce our exposure for a number of reasons, the first being the distances involved. Only a masochist would enjoy a round trip of over 600 miles, with the return journey after the show, driving through the night.

Some shows were too expensive in respect of ROI (return on investment) so had to be dropped. The feeling amongst exhibitors was that organisers were only interested in filling all stand places, irrespective of the mix, to the point of having five stands selling similar products. Some organisers. shortsightedly, set the entrance charge for visitors so high that it deterred families. They wanted their bread buttered on both sides.

In some cases exhibitors were fleeced (sic) with extra charges. The cost of a stand used to include the provision of a table and two chairs, but we are now asked to pay for these extras. You need electricity for your stand lights and credit card machine, and in a couple of events the charge starts at £140. You must be joking!

To add fuel to the fire add recession to the mix, and the by-products that follow. Attendances are low (some use “footfall” to show they are au fait) as is spending. I must give one organiser credit in not trying to squeeze the dry exhibitor sponge, but in using initiative and allowing free admission to visitors. It is early days (I hate the use of “doors”) yet, and the jury is still out.

Not to be out done, we now reward or repeat mail order customers. Needs must.