June 15, 2019


Or should it have been POSH

Rosemary Griffiths holds her bi-annual West Wales Healing Show this weekend.

I will let you know how it went.

ps. There was an air of expectation, a buzz, as the exhibitors dressed their stands in anticipation of yet another successful Rose’s show. Love, energies and camaraderie overflowed and all hovered over radios to listen to the commentary on the rugby match between France and Wales. First blood to France, 3 – 0, and there was a communal sigh followed by an air of resignation. It seemed that everyone sensed that it was the beginning of an end to Wales’ hopes.

The spirit never lifted and an air of gloom pervaded the hall, spreading like a cancer. We tried to cheer each other, and ourselves, but France had done the dirty on us in more ways then one. Sunday was not much better. Roll on Dublin. We need you.