June 15, 2019

The Monastery

No silence here

Gorton is not exactly a salubrious area of Manchester, but it houses a treasure. Now de-consecrated, it has been converted into a magnificent function centre and was the setting for the BSSK Mind Body Spirit event. Angie Jury (nee Simmons) has stolen a march on her competitors and this event is now THE MBS event in Manchester, with a waiting list of would be exhibitors. Those fortunate to be exhibiting had to put up with the cramped space and everyone took it in a very good spirit.

The whole show was well organised, the stewards marshalled the car park and setting up, the catering was imaginative and not overpriced and the weather gods smiled. The faithful duly turned up and the atmosphere was charged. One could not help thinking of Jesus Christ chasing merchants out of the temple, but, business is business and the money god ruled. Sunday was busier that Saturday and most traders were pleased.

Dowsing Tools sold well and I was emboldened to ask Angie for a 90 minute workshop at the next event and she agreed. The allocated room will hold just 50 people and I am sure it will overflow with people. Interesting!

Food is an essential element in our exhibition weekends and this was no exception. Manzil was the venue on Friday evening and this did not live up to the experience we had here last year so we turned to Karim’s on Saturday. We have eaten here many times, and have introduced our friends to this place. It has been a year since out previous visit and the welcome took our breath away. We felt special.