June 15, 2019

Coals to Calcutta

Neem comes Home

Marjorie and I have been very busy since September, and looked forward  bit of a break after the last exhibition in Birmingham. You couldn’t call it it a holiday, as the main purpose in going to India was to complete the dental work started in June, but it was a break, nevertheless.

We could not plan anything as the dentist would determine our schedule, and had to make rushed plans to go to Jaipur when told we had four free days. My childhood friend, Joybelle, assisted us in getting last minute tickets and we were off to Jaipur. Why Jaipur? Because my very best friend lives there and we were the family’s guests.

Vikram and I went to Hotel School together, all those many years ag0; he is a few years younger than I am but looks older, and has a few ailments which affect his quality of life.  He was curious to know why Marjorie and I belie our age and was intrigued when we put it down to our ingestion of  Neem. My dowsing showed that both Vikram and his wife would benefit by taking Neem but, strangely, Neem capsules are not readily available in India. SOS NEEM.

Enter THE NEEM PEOPLE! A quick call to my supplier who delivered the capsules to Vikram. I expect that Vikram will challenge me to a 100 yard dash when we meet again.