June 15, 2019


Poor old Santa – poor postie

What with last minute shopping, even for our Neem products, we have coped with the flurry of orders we received but cannot guarantee when you will receive your order.

I do feel sorry for the hard working postal staff, and the sheer volume of mail at this time of the year, and yet, they manage to keep cheerful. I am quite impressed with the young lad who sometimes deliver to us; he is always very polite and always ends with the American salutation, “Have a nice day“. This does not seem trite coming from him.

We live in a rural area so the postperson (have to be politically correct) drives around in a van. Pity the poor postman (the heck with correctness) with an urban round. I went to our sub Post Office recently and was amused when I was told that they were running out of stamps and copper coins and air mail stickers. Fortunately, I was able to sub them copper coins and stickers. One of the joys of living in a small community!