June 15, 2019

When will they ever learn?

Over indulging at Christmastime

It happens every year when people overspend, over eat, drink to excess and suffer. We are not going touch on the delicate subject of finances and the dreaded February statements.

This is the time of the year when caution is thrown to the wind, shopping trollies are filled to the gunnels and bosunder, refrigerators and freezers groan with strain and there is enough food and drink to host a street party. This is the time of the year when tables are laden with food and everyone feels that they have to do justice to the bounty. Breakfast overlaps elevenses overlaps lunch overlaps afternoon tea overlaps dinner overlaps supper and bodies take a bashing. Let’s not forget the nuts and nibbles that accompany the beer, the sherry, the wine, the cognac, the liqueur.

Oops! I feel a bit bloated. Anyone got any selzer, any Fernet Branca, any Underberg. I don’t feel too good. He’s passed out but wakes up fresh the next morning, ready to make inroads into the food and drink that has to be eaten and drunk.

Got to get back to normal; I will start going to gym from next week. I wonder what I can take to detox my liver. Just a mo, didn’t Marjorie say that Neem helps detoxify the liver. What did you say? Neem won’t help an abused liver. I hope I can find something at the pharmacy.  Please don’t preach to me now.