June 15, 2019

Paddling my Canoe

Up the Lazy River …..


I’ve made a few notes about www.theneempeople.com (I spend monday mornings looking around the web and then try and drum up some business in the afternoon). I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a line, but I have some feedback about your site that might be useful to you. 

I work for SiteWizard.co.uk (you might have heard of us, we are a low cost website design and promotion company that’s just had it’s 15th birthday and is probably the most recommended web services company in the UK).

I’ve noted down some important things as I looked at your site. The most glaring, and simple to remedy is that it doesn’t have Google Analytics installed. I don’t know if you know what it is, but it is a completely free and incredibly useful tool to help you make the most out of your website and give you valuable feedback about it’s use. If you are taking the internet seriously as part of your business, your site really shouldn’t be without it. 

If you are interested in hearing how I think you can improve your website to get more out of it for relatively little cost, drop me a line back and I’ll go through the notes I made. The very least I recommend is getting Google Analytics installed, and, if you like, I’ll send you our free google analytics installation and “getting the most out of” guide that we normally only send out to clients. Alternatively do a google search for “installing google analytics” and you’ll find all the details you need. 

I wish you every success in 2012 with your website,

Have a great afternoon, 

Kind Regards, 

Website Consultant

Hi Anon 

Thank you for taking an interest in my web site.

I already have Google Analytics and Mint, and I use Yoast for SEO.

As an 80 (almost) year beginner I get great pleasure in tweaking pages and watching search engines pick them up a day later.

I like your attitude, but I think I will continue to paddle my own canoe. 

Warm wishes