June 15, 2019

Dowsing for Choices

Planning a fall-back

In a challenging and competetive market, with the added hurdle of economic pressure, I took heed of my Uncle Rab’s advice about not putting all one’s eggs in one basket.

Our Neem People business is steady, with new customers replacing those who no longer need our help but, what with money being tight, customers are not ordering as much as before so we had to find ways to maintain their interest.

WE have always had an iterest in dowsing and use it extensively in our own lives. We encourage people to dowse before they buy from us so that they are sure they are buying what is right for them. Charlatans beware! Most people have a vague idea of what dowsing is all about and some have not heard about it so sequitur, we set about teaching people to dowse.

Although you can dowse without tools the use of tools gives a tangible response to your quest; this sequence involved making dowsing tools to sell to the new community of dowsers. A local crafstman made wooden pendulums for me inspite of being handicapped with a stroke. Why wooden pendulums? Because the original dowsing tool, a forked twig, was wood. These proved to be very popular and Dennis had to work overtime. Then, sadly, Dennis had another stroke and was unable to use his lathe. There are plenty of woodworkers around, who could turn pendulums, but they were asking silly money which would deter people buying pendulums, so I had to source my pendulums elsewhere and was fortunate in finding a manufacturer in India. I found another manufacturer in India who now makes me very attractive suede pouches for the pendulums.

Dowsing “L” Rods proved a bit of a problem and our early attempts were a tad amateurish until we had an EUREKA! moment. Purists will tell you that you do not need “handles” that allow the rods to swivel but our rods, used corectly, are very sensitive. The look of utter amazement when the rods move in the hands of a novice is one of the satisfactions of teaching.

Bobbers are the ultimate in sensitivity, even though our bobbers are basic as compared with bobbers made by the late Arthur Bebbington.

It is all very well teaching people to dowse at our stand at the exhibitions – even if it detracted  from our main business of promoting and selling products of The Healing Neem Tree : http://www.theneempeople.com – but I felt I had to cast my net wider if I was going to recruit more people into our dowsing fraternity so I spoke with event organisers to ask for a speaking slot, and I was allocated a room and 30 minutes. So much to talk about and so little time. Realising the popularity of my talks I was given an hour to do a workshop; the numbers attending varied from 3, at a local MBS exhibition, to 65 in Dublin. An hour was still too short so some organisers stretched the time to 90 minutes.

My workshops are interactive, with the audience given the opportunity to try dowsing with a forked twig, pendulum, “L” rods and the bobber.

  • I start with an introduction when I mention the Special Interest Groups.
  • I then demonstrate the method of dowsing with each of the dowsing tools
  • The audience try dowsing with the forked twigs I have brought along
  • We move on to the bobbers, put these aside and
  • I hand out pairs of  “L” rods which the audience seem fascinated by and
  • Finally everyone is given a wooden pendulum to dowse with
  • Back to their seats and we pore over folders containing dowsing information and charts

I have no idea how many attendees I will have, so it is touch and go as to whether or not I have sufficient material for all. Sadly, I have to race through the whole programme because time flies and the next speaker needs the room.

Our last exhibition was at the truly awesome Monastery in Gorton, Manchester and it was the first time I was allowed to do a 90 minute workshop here. This organiser gets people to pre-book seats for talks and workshops, so was able to advise me that I had a full house of 55 people. I was keen to see the room I was allocated and went cold when I saw that the 2nd floor room was arranged in an “intimate” classroom style with no room to move about. THINK!

“I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present.”Rabindranath Tagore

I explained my predicament to the organiser and suggested that I hold the introduction in the room, then we all move down to the quadrangle – luckily it was a dry, albeit cold, day – for the practical dowsing, returning to the room for the conclusion. I explained this to my audience – the overflow sat on the floor – and they took it in good spirit (Monastery!). A lot of my audience buy my dowsing tools and I encourage them to join their local dowsing group.

Note: Every now and again there will be someone in my audience who cannot use any of the dowsing tools. This puzzled me until I found the reason.

There will be two more firsts for me later this year, as I have been accepted as a workshop presenter at a six day MBS exhibition at Earls Court, London and a three day show at Olympia.

Can I? Yes – May I? Yes – Should I? Most certainly.