June 15, 2019

The Curate’s Egg

Good – Not so good

We looked forward to the 6day exhibiton at Earls Court with trepidation for more than one reason:

  • The duration
  • New venue and the logistics problems
  • Parking
  • Level of stock

to name a few. The access and setting up went quite smoothly, and that was one less worry. The exhibitors at our neighbouring stands were the same at the previous years show, and we got on well.

Open the doors and let them in. The number of visitors on the first day was encouraging and augered well for the rest of the show but the second day was a bit of a flop. Hang on to your horses for the third day and slow down to a trot on the fourth. The fifth day was a canter and we galloped on the last day.

The stock, tables and all the rest of the paraphenelia was shoe-horned into our little van, and we hoped to returnn lighter and were not disappointed as we had five empty stock cases at the end of the event. Surprisingly, we sold out of our dowsing tools.

We were bombarded with the noise of the entertainment from the stage not far from us and could barely make ourselves heard sometimes. The atmosphere seemed heavy at all times, and there was no bonhomie. A futher cloud was cast with the uncertainty of the event being held next year.

On the whole, we were pleased the way the MBS event went.