June 15, 2019

That is why we DOWSE

Can I? May I? Should I?

Do you remember the devastation caused by heavy snowfall, in December, a couple of years ago when people were advised not to risk driving? Local councils were struggling to grit roads and the grit they did spread was soon covered by fresh snowfalls. Flights were cancelled because of the atrocious conditions and airports looked like refugee camps because of the masses that missed flights and masses that were hoping to be able to fly out. When will the snow stop?


Our daughter, Annelise, wanted us to spend a week with her in Bahrain and had made arrangements for an eventful week before Christmas. We were packed and ready to go, but…... There were regular warnings on the radio and television about the dire conditions of the roads, and airports told intending passengers to keep away as their facilities were at full srtetch.

Ours was a morning flight and we would be driving to the airport so, rather than make a very early start I arranged to spend the previous night at an airport hotel. Our daughter Annelise  in Bahrain, son Michael in Australia and daughter Joanne in Cambridge were  monitoring weather conditions and were very concerned for us; they advised us against travelling.

Decision time. Annelise was torn between wanting to have us spend a week with her and her concern for our safety. She would be “gutted” if we could not make it but would accept the reasons. It would be a downer for us as we had really looked forward to visiting our daughter.  Time to consult the oracle, so we brought out our tried and tested dowsing  pendulums. Experience has taught us to trust our dowsing. We asked if it would be safe for us to drive to Heathrow and got a Clear “YES”, so off we set. We live in a little valley and struggled up the un-gritted lane to the top onto the main (sic) road. Our children were not pleased.

We had to stop at Cardiff West for a comfort break and had to park at the rear of the service area as the car park was snow bound. Cars leaving the area had to be assisted up the slope but there was no one to assist us so we had a go and if felt like someone was pushing us. Back on the motor way and the conditions were getting worse as were the weather reports monitored by our children. The chorus said: “Turn back, there are no flights leaving”. Fools rush and al that! Marjorie looked to me for a decision and my instinct told me to carry on. Dowsing< -> Instinct< -> Dowsing. That is what it is all about.