June 15, 2019

Seeing is believing

fish jumping

The wonder of Nature

Were you thinking that I was, yet again, extolling the  virtues of our Neem Skin Cream and the look of amazement on the faces of people when they see how quickly our cream improves the elasticity of their skin? Well, you are wrong.

Soon after we moved from the Denant Mill Inn to our cottage, across the road, I was amazed to see a brown trout swimming upstream and called out to Marjorie to see it. A few months later the “Rivers Authority” did a survey of fish life ina section of the stream running alongside our deck; a man with an electric probe covered the area, stunning the fish which were netted by his accomplice and put into a holding tank. The fish were catalogued and returned to the stream. The men returned days later and introduced fry into the stream.

That was about sixteen years ago and we soon forgot about the incident. My son, Michael, is currently with us and is helping me to the jobs that call for more muscle and agility than I have. This involves cutting overhead branches, digging, and managing our section of the stream by collecting the stones that are brought down by the stream when it is swollen. While tidying up the stream bank he saw a flash in the water which was a fish swimming to the spot where I saw a trout all thoes many years ago. The fish settled under an overhang of the bank. The little creature had to jump about 15 inches – near our little bridge – to get back to where it needed to lay its eggs.

I was fortunate with my first sighting as is Michael with his, and although you see this phenomenon in nature television programmes, Seeing is Believing.