June 15, 2019

Cross the Bridge – Pay the Toll

severn toll

Our first venture in Linton, Cambs. was a disaster. The Neem Tea, with which we were launching our company, did not arrive in time leaving us with an empty table with nothing to sell. Encouragingly, twelve trusting people paid us in advance, lifting our hopes. Exhibitions are the way ahead, specifically of the Mind, Body, Spirit type as these drew in sympathetic audiences.

Spreading the word meant exhibiting all over the country, and this we did also venturing into IRELAND. Some of our road trips involved and eight hour drive each way, driving back through the night. We were having fun meeting people and building up a customer base. Marjorie started noticing that she was shattered on the day after our return and the night drive was getting tense so we started stopping off for the night en route.

Sleepy Driver

Time for a reality check; we are getting older but not aging – now there’s an oxymoron – and more sensible and realise that, to a large  extent that we have fulfilled our mission. From now on we will do only two exhibitions outside Wales, Manchester and Dublin. The venue in Manchester is inspiring and our returns are good. Dublin is like a mini holiday for us with booty to boot.

So, dear friends, this is not the end of the road. We are at the end of the telephone – 00 44 (0)1437 764415 – or email: info@theneempeople.com if only for a chat. We are and always will be grateful for your support and friendship.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We continue to exhibit at venues in South and West Wales.