June 15, 2019

Sourcing and Resourcing Neem


We decided to promote the Health & Beauty properties of the Neem Tree about fifteen years ago, going off at a tangent from our previous life in the hospitality business. Easier said than done.

What are we going to sell and where do we find it? I was trolling the internet and chanced on an article in an Indian newspaper, reporting on the launch of a Neem Tea. A bit of sleuthing – actually more than a bit – and I tracked down an architectural firm that had formulated and selling a Neem Tea. Oxymoron notwithstanding, I contacted them and they were pleased to get an order from the UK and wanted to quote for a container load. We scaled down the order and launched Perpetua Herbals with our first product.

NEEM TEA (2)_edited-1

A few years later I had to start all over again when the company decided to pull out of Neem Tea manufacturing, and I found  an Ayurvedic manufacturing company that formulated an Ayurvedic Tea with Neem exclusively for us. This was a very popular product and we promoted and sold it worldwide. This company has now decided on a minimum order, date stamped as required by regulation, which we cannot sell within the time frame so, with sadness, our popular Neem Tea will be missed.

The same company formulated and insecticidal Neem Joss Stick which was a superb product. Here too, they then increased the minimum order to a totally unrealistic figure – for us – so we lost another good product. Both these products were produced to our specifications and were unique to us.

We sold a small selection of Organic Aromatherapy Neem Soaps, again unique to us, and claimed by many to be the best soaps they had used. Due to a tragic personal loss our manufacturer has lost interest and shut down his operation. To date I have not been able to find another suitable supplier.

Our product list dwindles; our spirit does not.