May 21, 2019


What you sow you will reap.

Marjorie and I launched our fledgling company – sounds grand, doesn’t it – sixteen years ago. Fools rush and all that, it was a plunge into the unknown and a real challenge as this was “A road less traveled”.  I was 67 years old, an age when most people put their feet up and wait for an invitation from St Peter; I cannot remember how old Marjorie was.

A curse or a blessing, I had a restless mind and a willing cohort, so we metamorphosed into THE NEEM PEOPLE. Our first mission was to promulgate the myriad properties the Neem Tree, THE VILLAGE PHARMACY. This we did by exhibiting our products at Mind, Body, Spirit type exhibitions countrywide and in Ireland, averaging two exhibitions a month, and involving round trips in excess of 600 miles. Driving back home after the exhibitions through the night was not a problem to start with.

Mail orders were a spin-off from the exhibitions as were recommendations, and we were able to take our foot off the pedal. We also sorted the chaff from the wheat and dropped some of the less profitable shows until we were doing a handful, giving us more time to work in our garden. More cut backs when we decided not to travel outside Wales, except Dublin which we treat as a mini holiday.

It is most definitely not the end of the road for us as we are kept busy with mail orders. We miss the social side of the exhibitions but common sense has prevailed and we plan to be around for at least another five years before we get to the carpet slipper stage.

Marjorie and I thank you for your friendship and custom.