May 21, 2019


Skinning a cat

We introduced Gumtone to our customers and they love it, as it is a Neem based product which “as it says on the tin”. We ran out of the stock that Marjorie and I personally brought back from India, so had to re-order from Charak Pharma in Bombay.

I looked at the company’s website, saw that the advertised price was IR56 per tube and asked for quotation for a case of 144 tubes. The quoted price was USD1.20 per tube which equated to IR76 per tube which, according to Charak was the export price. This price differentiation is illegal in the UK and most western countries; The  BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS, Contact Person: MR JAGDISH M AGRESAR, have yet to reply to my query.

What do you do when faced with a stone wall too high to climb over? You walk around it. Without divulging any secrets, lest my loophole gets plugged, I have a case of Gumtone on its way to me, at IR46 per tube.

Net result, fewer trips to the Dentist.