June 25, 2019



The Wonderful Ways Neem Oil Protects Your Organic Garden.

Perhaps one of the biggest struggles of managing an organic garden is dealing with the constant pests. You obviously do not want to rely on potentially dangerous chemical solutions to protect your vegetation. Instead, you must find safe, natural and effective methods of pest control. The best solution will often vary according to the specific pest you are dealing with.

There are the extremely common pest control solutions that you may already be familiar with. These include soap water, vinegar, and garlic water. A slightly less common, yet equally effective, method of natural pest control is neem oil. What Is It? In short, neem oil is a natural vegetable oil that is created by pressing the seeds and the fruits of the neem tree. This particular tree is extremely common in India and in some tropical countries. This oil has a very strong scent. In comparison, it is said to smell like a mix between garlic and peanuts. The oil itself has become an important commercial product specifically for organic gardening.

Though, there are some additional uses for the oil and for the fruits themselves. How can this oil be used to fight pests as well as fungus in your garden? Repels Hundreds Of Insects Neem oil is extremely versatile as a biopesticide. It can repel unwanted organisms, including larvae, beetles, gnats, mites, aphids, caterpillars, and other pests that would quickly damage your garden. At the same time, it does not harm mammals, humans, birds, and even some insects that are beneficial for garden life. The number of pests repelled by this oil is so high that it can even be used as an indoor form of pest prevention. It repels ants, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. Few other pesticides can repel such a wide array of pests without having any harmful effects on pets or other animals.

The Azadirachtin Effect Most of these pests are repelled by a chemical that exists in the neem seed called Azadirachtin. Azadirachtin was originally found to interfere with desert locusts but was later revealed to affect more than 200 different insect species. It does this by working as an antifeedant as well as a growth disruptor. Azadirachtin is extremely toxic for many insect species. Fights Unwanted Fungus

Another interesting chemical found in the neem seed is Nimbin. Nimbin has been found to work as an antihistamine, antiseptic, and to have antifungal properties. It is the Nimbin that makes the neem oil a powerful tool for fighting fungal growth in an organic garden. Neem oil can help control growths of powdery mildew, rust fungi, and black spot fungi. If you have roses in your garden, then you definitely do not want black spot fungi causing a problem. Black spot fungus leads to the development of black spot disease on roses, which results in black spots and noticeable defoliation. A safe and effective biopesticide a garden needs a safe, effective, and natural form of pest control. That is exactly what neem oil provides. It can repel hundreds of insect species while also preventing fungus growth that kills flowers and vegetables. If you are looking for an organic solution for your garden, try using neem oil today.

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