June 15, 2019



Egos and pomposity have no place in the healing business, if business it is.

We realised, when we launched our Neem People business at the turn of the century, that we had to spread the word by exhibiting at Mind, Body & Spirit type exhibitions all over the country. Visitors to these exhibitions were generally looking for help – physical, spiritual, psychological etc. – and were receptive to the offerings of the exhibitors, which were in abundance.

I was dismayed to see that there were spurious claims were made by some exhibitors and gullible visitors were being taken in by glib sales people. This did not sit right with me so I asked event organisers to allow me to run interactive dowsing workshops at events, where I would teach people the basics of dowsing, so they decide what was right and good for them.

A woman, seeing the dowsing tools on our stand, asked my wife Marjorie to dowse about her heart as she was told that she was going to die because of it. Marjorie assured her that that was not the case. This woman returned a few hours later and asked if a pendant she was sold would help her heart. She was persuaded to buy nine pendants, one for each of her nine chakras, at £55 each. I offered to accompany her to the vendor to ask for a refund, but she was embarrassed to do that.

That triggered what is now a passion to teach people the basics of dowsing. I start people off on a very sensitive Bobber (also known as a Wand) before introducing them to Pendulums and ‘L’ rods. Some cannot get a movement with the Bobber, or the movement is erratic; from experience I realise that the problem may possibly be with imbalance with their chakras so, with their permission, I dowse their chakras and find, invariably, that there is a problem and suggest they get healing. Healers abound here.

Some visitors are fascinated by my dowsing tools; I invite them to have a go. I have been in the ‘people’ business all my working life and have a good idea of body language. There is a type of person who puffs out their chest as they announce: “I am a therapist”. Not for the first time ‘therapists’ have been unable to use the ultra- sensitive bobber, so I dowse their chakras. “This cannot be.” I am a Reiki Master. I am a Crystal Healer. They will not accept that therapists, healers and the like are not demi gods.
A prime example of POMPOSITY.