July 27, 2017



Hi Sidney,

I applied the cream you sent me in the morning and at night before

going to bed. The scar has been significantly reduced.

Thanks Sidney for your help. You are very kind.


16 Feb  2017


_Hello Sidney,

Thank you for dowsing for me and finding out what is best for me – what a unique service!
I would like to go ahead and purchase your recommended toothpaste and gel – on the website it said I should contact you directly to ask how I can save on postage, how many do I need to buy minimum to save postage on my order?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Yukie – 8 May, 2016


I know Marjorie and yourself may want to enjoy more quality time and not have the responsibility of supporting a nation with this amazing herb for ever.
Jane E – 11 Nov. 2015
Hi Marjorie and Sidney
I purchased my first tub from you at the Botanical gardens in August (I am the Estee lauder fan who also did some dowsing!!) and it has definetly helped. The dry skin and fungal infection on my feet is definetly clearing and the cream is working wonders on my skin too.. I am very pleased. I even gave some cream to my brother who had an itchy skin problem around his eyes, (afer dowsing to check it was the best treatment) and it has cleared up. I am a neem convert!!!!
look forward to hearing from you
Catherine Prosser


Brilliant natural products, super service, and the loveliest, most genuine people you could wish to meet.

Linda W. 26.06.2015


Hi Sidney and Marjorie
Thank you so much for your email also I think it’s really kind of you to
send me a  cake of your new neem soap Auromere Tulsi I will definitely
try it as soon as I get it and let you know what I think of it, believe
me I would not buy Neem from anybody else but you. I am over the moon.
Hope you are both well also family. I am awaiting a 12 hour operation to
remove a brain tumour, but am very positive and know my Angels will be
standing next to me to help me through. Anyway lots of love light and
blessings to you both will let you know and hopefully it will be my new
one for ordering from you.
Kindest regards


Talking of skin creams, when one has woken up to the horror hidden inside the usual products we buy, it’s important to know the companies we can trust. Neem Skin Cream is made by Perpetua Herbals (The Neem People), a husband and wife team, Sidney and Marjorie Vincent whom I first met at a Mind Body Spirit Festival in Manchester over ten years ago. When Marjorie told her she was fifty, I couldn’t believe it.

She said all she used was the Neem skin cream, which left her skin baby soft and wrinkle free. It’s a very concentrated cream so a little goes a long way. I use it on my face and all over my body. It is oil free and is wonderful for sensitive skins, and it contains anti-bacterial neem essential oil. Don’t let the strong medical smell of Neem put you off, at least it’s not fragranced with chemicals. The best thing about this product is the price, it’s dirty cheap and lasts months.

Thanks so much Sidney
I am in the UK, in cheshire so hopefully will get the cream sooner, I love it. I used to spend hundreds on all different types of anti ageing creams until I tried your neem cream and now I use nothing else ( except when I run out lol)
Thanks again
Blessings and good health to you and Marjorie
Angela  – 27 March 2015


 This is truth. I won’t use anything on my face but myneem with turmeric cream. And I have had people express surprise at my age (love it)

Gini Edwards – Florida – 11 Mar. ’15


ust placed my latest order knowing I will get …… excellent products that do what it says on the box and a brilliant service from lovely people, Many Thanks to all involved Sidney.


Good morning,

I trust you and we’d like to proceed as suggested.
Will you also send us a guide line to understand better all the benefits of the two products.
I haven’t got paypal I have to ask to my brother, please would You be so kind to write here below all details to proceed buying the products.
Many thanks
Chiara –  Italia – 20 Feb

Dear Sidney,

Thank you very much for the extra pack of gumtone.

I am very impressed by your customer care.

Your trust and generosity is very much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Viviane – 19 Feb 2105


I look forward to have your wonderful products again. I really love them.

Many thanks and have a blessed end of the week and weekend.

Greetings from Switzerland

Susanne Beer 29.1.15


16 Jan. 2015 – I have been using your neem cream for about a year now and wow what a fantastic cream the best cream I have ever used that really does work. I have just one question I have a daughter that has spots and she is 11 can she use this cream on her face . Thanks for your time and for inventing the best cream ever . Many thanks Kerry


Did you get my order also for your fabulous face cream. I bought it from you at the yoga show last year and thinks its fab x

Thank you sidney,

Serena Valentine
I have ordered more of the Neem skin cream and the Neem and Turmeric cream, i have used the skin cream for years and its the only thing that clears up my face rashes that even steroids couldn’t do.
I have been using it on one of my staff that suffers from psoriasis/eczema on her hands very badly and couldn’t believe the difference in only a week !
So this is a gift for her .
Neem? >>> Miracle in a jar , should be on all the GPs lists as top dermatological remedy ! Thank you . Namaste.
Kim Richards – 5 Dec. 2014
Dear Marjorie, dear Sidney,
the Neem Skin Creme arrived today.
Thank you very much for this prompt delivery.
My very best wishes for you,
Conny Kastler 2 Dec. 2014



First of all I would like to tell you how impressed I am with the Neem Skin Cream that I recently bought from you at the Cardiff Alternative Health Show. It is nothing short of a miracle!

Looking at your brochure I am interested in the Neem Skin Cream with Turmeric, but wondered if you could advise me whether it would be better for my skin or if I should stick with the plain Neem cream. I am using the cream as a twice daily facial moisturiser, and have skin that is dry, slightly lined, and can be a little sensitive and also has very slight hyperpigmentation.
I’m also interested in the hand and body lotion, but noticed that the list of ingredients doesn’t appear to include neem. Could you clarify if the Neem Hand and Body Lotion does contain neem please?
Kind Regards
Angela – 30 October 2014
Dear Sidney and Marjorie,I am pleased that the payment arrive safely with you. Many thanks for sending out our second order in as many weeks so promptly.
We are big fans of your product!Best wishes,Phill – 4 Sept. 2014
I have been trying for weeks to order my neem cream with turmeric.  PLEASE PLEASE tell me I still can.  If you bill me through paypal which is how we did it in the past, my email is ……….t.  GOT to have my cream.  My skin really needs it.  I ordered a cream from another supplier and it is helping but not as good as yours.  Please help
FLorida  USA


Hello Sidney and Marjorie
I first met you at the Brecon Mind and Body Fair in Brecon two years ago and have loved your cream ever since ,  which seems to always sort out any outbreak of rosacea. Also toured Australia and using your  insect repellent never got bitten once . Amazing !
I have just ordered some tooth paste and more cream.

My husband takes BP tablets and half an aspirin a day for irregular heart beat  recently diagnosed. I am wondering if he could take your
turmeric tablets  in addition?
Have you any bookings in Powys / South Wales in the distant future?
Best wishes,
B Thomas


Good evening to you both. It’s Harold from the ……… Last spring, in Dublin, I bought some of the night cream for my wife as I was so impressed by the effect it had on both of you. Unfortunately it worked too well! She immediately looked 30 years younger and ran off with a man of 40, taking everything!!! Just joking. It seemed funny to me. Indeed, it did work well and she wants to order some more.

Harold – 16 June 2014



Hi Sidney

Many thanks. I have been using your neem cream for almost 8 years now and wouldn’t dream of using anything else. 

Tracey 14 April 2014


Hello Sidney, thank you.

The previous order was for my mum. She wanted to try the Neem capsules as well. I must say I feel more awake, my sinuses are better and my long lasting cough has eventually stopped..! I feel so much better. My mum has been troubled with rheumatism ache for years (she is 77 of age) and I wanted her to try the capsules as well. Its now been a week and she tells me she feels feverish, has a sore throat and bits of her skin in her palate is coming off… I had many unpleasent symptoms the first weeks when I started taking the capsules so I have been telling her to be patient and give it some time.

The order I sent yesterday is for myself and a friend of mine. I want her to try it as well.

Im looking forward to try the shampoo and soap as well. I have asthma and allergy so think this will do my skin and scalp good.

The capsules, is it ok to take them non stop or should I have a break and stop taking them for a period of time?

Warm smiles to you and Marjorie.



Hi Sidney,

Just thought I would let you know the second parcel you sent has arrived safely 🙂

Thank you so much for re-sending to me.  I will however, let you know if the original one does ever turn up.

I am delighted with the items I received from you which were the toothpaste, bark powder and oil.

I have met up with you a few times at the Mind Body and Spirit shows in London where I have purchased the Neem  moisturisers and soaps and always meant to add to my collections so I am really pleased that I can purchase items on-line.

Best Wishes to you

Elaine – 13/1/14


..my usual neem cream with turmeric Sidney- thank you so much – you know how I love your product. do you need my email or do you still have it. Gini Edwards, Florida, 23 Nov ’13


My family and I visited your stand here and you and your lovely wife explained Neem Tree to us, we bought your face cream, tablets n shampoo and all I can say is WOW! My skin is so much better, my hair is better and I feel better so thank you very much I will be buying more from your website xx Julie 20.11.13


I just wanted to say sidney that i found you fascinating and really enjoyed your demonstration in dowsing, thank you so much! I haven’t put my pendulum down all day today!


Hello Sidney …

The Neem mouthwash arrived safely yesterday – thank you for sending it so speedily.

It’s a few years now since I bought my first pot of cream from you at a Quest gathering in Devon and I have been using Neem products ever since.  Thank you for helping me to discover its healing properties!

Very best wishes to you both …  jenni  🙂 23 Oct.2013


Hi Sidney

My apologies, I knew the website looked different but kept getting directed to it after searches.

Look forward to receiving the lovely cream from you. I love it and don’t use anything else on my face now.

I hope you and Marjorie are both well.

Kindest regards

Angela 15 October, 2103


_Hi Sidney,

I am ordering the moisturiser for my Aunt, as I saw you and your lovely family at Gorton Monastery and bought some cream, oils and tea bags.  I think your products are brilliant and am spreading the word!!
Thanks so much for your lovely e-mail.
Rachael   10 Oct. 2013




Just wanted to thank you for sending a replacement order of Bitter Melon and Neem capsules,we received this order on Thursday 26th Sept. The original order has still not arrived, we will of course let you know if it does. Thank you for the great service you have given us over the past few years.

Susan Evans – 28 Sept 13


Many thanks Sidney, VERY MUCH appreciated.  Always think it’s amazing we can do this, almost like walking in the shop! thanks again, have a good weekend.

 Linda Wright  30 August, 2013


Dear Sidney

Thanks for this. I am a great fan of your products. I have bought this particular cream in the hope that it will clear up some severe itching (cause unknown) on the upper part of my horse’s tail. He is rubbing it so much it is quickly going bald. I still have some of your neem oil, so all suggestions gratefully received.

All the best

Clare(Italy) 28 August 2013


Thank you for quick answer and service!

I will pay you on Monday through my bank “Handelsbanken”.

Regards/Ulla  – 8 July 2013


Thank you Sidney. Very prompt service , it has just arrived. My mother has used your website for about 2 years now and is very pleased with your products and service.

Keep up the good work! I have spread the word about Neem and your site.

Thanks, Benny 3 July. 2013


Thank you once again for your rapid response Sidney! 

Your product has become a mainstay supplement in my diet and I find I feel much better with, than without it.
I was ecstatic when I came home from a business trip and found my last order already at my door. 

I failed to say this then, so I am expressing it now; your shipping and customer service is incredible and you have made me feel appreciated and valued.

Thank you both! 

-Jonathan Ayres – 27 June 2013


Dear Sidney

Thank you for your note – if it’s OK with you I’ll send you a cheque for the lotion.  I find it excellent for an irritating allergic back rash that I have and it would be silly to send it back only to order another one some time later.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Adele Butler 18 June 2013


Hi Sidney

I have just ordered 4 tubes of mint toothpaste …..

Just to say my Hygienist now uses Neem toothpaste as our teeth are so clean!

Best wishes

Paula Ross 13 June 2013


I just thought I would write to let you know that my son’s hair is now completely free from head lice.  I am so relieved! It has taken nearly two years to get some sort of lasting end to this.  It has been so expensive buying horrible chemicals over and over again for all the family – and none of them worked for very long.  So at last – thanks to your products he is clear and so am I! M.F. 20.05.13


Hello Sidney,

I have just ordered some more Neem cream with turmeric which I have been using for a long time and also the massage oil.

I now have a 9 week old grandchild who has developed excema on her face, neck and chest. She also has quite bad cradle cap. Would it be safe to use the massage oil on her scalp and the Neem cream on her skin – I am especially concerned about her face? Would it be better to use the new face cream that is now on your website or do you think she is just too young yet for your products? 

I have always been delighted with your creams.  Gail – 3 May 2013


Hello Sidney,

Couldn’t be without letting you know that the Neem Oil has been a wonderful success in treating my dog Gus’ fungal ear infection. He has had this as a recurring problem since he was rehomed with us. Never before has his ear seemed completely cured. Its been a few weeks now and no sign of the infection recurring. I know that he is prone to this problem, the Vet has explained that its because he ear canal is so small.

I now intend to treat him with the Neem oil every few weeks as a preventative measure to the fungal infection. Also, rather than softening the oil to liquid and using a Q tip, I would recommend that to apply, take a little of the solid oil on the tip of one’s finger and insert to the ear canal gently or alternatively use a small cotton swab to apply ( a Q tip is too small and dangerous to use). The dogs body temperature will melt the oil and it will gently trickle into the lower ear canal where it needs to do its job.

Thanks so much for your help and recommendations,


Eileen – Ireland – 25 April 2013


Being of Sri Lankan descent the knowledge of Neem has been passed down though my family and I have been buying your cream for years now. I have also recommended you to many people I know who suffer from this problem as the cream works AMAZINGLY!

Thank you so much for continuing to make it!


Carolione – 28 March 2013



Thank you Sidney!

I have purchased your products before and I have been incredibly pleased with their quality. It does take some time to get over here, but this is something I expect and I was not disappointed with the condition of the package upon receipt.

I greatly appreciate the service you provide and plan to continue my relationship with your company, as I have yet to find a commercial distributor in the states that provides such a high quality product at affordable prices.

Thanks for your reply and I look forward to doing further business with you and Marjorie.


2 Feb.2013


Dear Sidney

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for processing my order so quickly. Yes I will – thank you, Once I get back from holiday I will be in touch.

Thanks again and best wishes to you both.

Angela – 8 Dec 2011