May 21, 2019

Neem Cream with Turmeric

Neem Cream with Turmeric—excellent non-greasy moisturiser

Water based neem cream, excellent non-greasy moisturiser that can be used all over your body. Many have found it to be a good night cream. This cream improves the elasticity of your skin and is much cheaper than most anti-wrinkle creams. It is a good foundation cream. Our Neem Skin Cream contains 5% pure Neem oil, which is the recommended concentration for treating many skin problems.

Neem Foundation

Ingredients: Aqua, Sunflower Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Lexemul 561, Coconut, Lanette Wax ‘O’, Cocobutter, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Neem Oil, Lavendula Augustifolia,40/42, Euxly K700, Vit.E, Geraniol, Linalool
Potential allergen: Gereniol, which appears naturally in essential oils.


On 01/02/2011 13:04, Helen Wilkins wrote:
Hi Sidney

The cream is doing no end of good on my face and seems to be the only thing that is keeping the eczema at bay – thank you so much! It is such a relief to know a product will work when my eczema flares up and not just contribute to making it worse than ever! Neem has worked were even aloe vera failed!

Feel free to use my comments for the website.

I have ordered the oil to see if it will have any effect on Geoff’s scalp which is developing patches of dry skin. Will keep you updated on how it goes.

Hope you are both doing well and the marathon training is on track for the event.

The website is looking really good! I noticed you are doing the Buxton fair and if we are down near Manchester that weekend, we will pop in and see you.



“Miracle in a jar” says Mrs S W from Brighton. “Have had fantastic results for my irritated eczema flareups, and my 16 year old spot prone skin”. Aug.2006

“Hello Sidney,
Thanks you for the prompt delivery of my order of 4 pots of face cream with turmeric. Have you altered the recipe? this batch of cream is not the same colour as the previous cream I’ve had in the past. I hope you haven’t ‘improved’ it, as I usually find the new improvements in products are anything but. I have found the cream with turmeric to be the absolute best in keeping my eczema under control.

L W – 22-01-07

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From: l ….b ……
Sent: 17 July 2007 16:51
Subject: neem cream

Dear Sidney & Marjorie,
I have recently started using your fantastic cream on a persistent rash on my hand. this appeared out of the blue six months ago and wouldn’t be moved by anything, including full strength steroid cream from my G.P. however after a few weeks of neem it is almost gone and the itch stopped immediately. A million thanks.
Again many many thanks.

Barbara l

Neem Skin Cream with Turmeric – 50g(e) jar

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