June 15, 2019


NEEM PEOPLE LIVE: Next Stop:  You may have noticed our absence at the exhibitions you would have expected us to be at; this is because we have had to cut back on the extent of our driving. We will miss meeting you but we are only at the end of the … [Read more...]


POMPOSITY Egos and pomposity have no place in the healing business, if business it is. We realised, when we launched our Neem People business at the turn of the century, that we had to spread the word by exhibiting at Mind, Body & Spirit type … [Read more...]

Big Thank You:~

ODE TO NEEM Oh NEEM  Oh NEEM oh wondrous tree where did you hide so long? 4000 years in history is way too long, too long..... Indians and shamans knew your village pharmacy salvation seeds, leaves and bark more than we could see Neem is as … [Read more...]

A Personal Guarantee : ~

We are dedicated to promoting the properties and benefits of the Neem tree. We believe in fair and affordable pricing, and in personal service. All of our Neem products are 100% guaranteed and safe. Our products do not contain any animal products, and … [Read more...]