June 15, 2019


Hello Sidney, Hope that you are well and still trading I hope you are still selling Neem and Tea Tree Toothpaste, my partner has been using this for ages and it healed her gums and saved her teeth. best wishes from … [Read more...]

Believe in Neem

Hi Sidney, Thanks for the prompt response and refund of payment. I love that cream so i'll replace my order in a few weeks once it is back in stock. Thanks, Laura On 2 Jan … [Read more...]


Dear Sidney, Thank you for letting me know what to expect. I hesitated to order on-line because I wasn't certain that the site was secure (it was simply unfamiliar and far away). Your taking time to contact me gives me reassurance. I'm looking … [Read more...]


My mother would also like to say how delighted she is with your products. She used to have the most horrible eczema on her legs, but since using Neem, the eczema has vanished! Regards, Sue – 9 July, 2011 … [Read more...]

Wonderful Neem Tea—Margaret

Wonderful Neem Tea. I have been drinking your wonderful Neem Tea for past 2 years since we met at Aintree. My sister has been ordering it for me..Trisha Brierly...it last me ages...I have recently suffered a bereavement and am feeling fragile...so need … [Read more...]