June 15, 2019


POMPOSITY Egos and pomposity have no place in the healing business, if business it is. We realised, when we launched our Neem People business at the turn of the century, that we had to spread the word by exhibiting at Mind, Body & Spirit type … [Read more...]


NATURE'S MEDICINE CHEST  The Wonderful Ways Neem Oil Protects Your Organic Garden. Perhaps one of the biggest struggles of managing an organic garden is dealing with the constant pests. You obviously do not want to rely on potentially dangerous … [Read more...]

Save on Postage

Before ordering multiple items please email us with your order so we can calculate postage on the total order, savin you money. Remember, we need your address. … [Read more...]

Beware Nail Fungus

Unsightly and Dangerous Nail fungus infections are really annoying. At first you wonder, “where did it come from?”  Well, you probably got it from wearing your shoes too much or from walking barefoot at a public swimming pool (or shower). Maybe you … [Read more...]

That is why we DOWSE

Can I? May I? Should I? Do you remember the devastation caused by heavy snowfall, in December, a couple of years ago when people were advised not to risk driving? Local councils were struggling to grit roads and the grit they did spread was soon covered … [Read more...]