May 21, 2019

NoLice Head Lice Treatment


NoLice is free of chemicals, because it’s made from natural oils.

When used as directed, NoLice is guaranteed to kill head lice and nits. We recommend that the whole family use Neem Shampoo on a regular basis, as this will keep head lice at bay. We also sell a 250ml bottle of Neem Shampoo.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Geraniol


I just wanted to say thanks for such a quick delivery. These two bottles of NoLice were my second order as this was the first time in months that my 6 year old daughter has been clear of the dreaded nits for over 6 weeks (yes, it really was that bad!)

And it made such a difference using something that didn’t sting her eyes and dry out her scalp. No Tantrums!! I will be recommending NoLice to all of her classmates (hopefully clear them for good!)

Thank you.

7 May 2009

. . . . . . .


I purchased the No Lice product from you last week and I just want to say thank you for selling such a fantastic product. Almost the day my little girl started school she got the dreaded lice and I haven’t been able to get rid of them properly until now. It was amazing (and slightly gross too) to see these horrible critters just falling out of her hair, she was so happy she almost cried! There was enough to do my hair too, and there’s a lot to do considering my hair is almost waist length. So again, I thank you simply for selling such a great product! And I will be spreading the word too!

Annie G 🙂


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Bottle of NoLice Head Lice Treatment – 100ml

NoLice – 100ml