June 15, 2019


THE AIM behind our new links page is to offer a variety of sources of information that will be useful to our browsing audience and customers. This section of the site will be available in May 2011.


M.B.S. Festival Organisers

  1. ICMF Ltd The UK’s premier festival promoting complementary therapy, natural remedies & related products.
  2. BSSK Events promote major mind, body and spirit events in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and surrounding areas.
  3. THE HEALING WEEKEND at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Highbridge, Somerset
  4. TREE OF LIFE The Tree of Life is an inspirational community that touches people’s hearts. opens their minds and awakens their spirits.
  5. NATURAL HEALTH SHOWS Health and Healing Events in the Midlands
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Authors and Courses

  1. HARROWGATE COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY PRACTIONER ANNA-LOUISE HAIGH Renowned therapist, tutor, author and creator of Daoyin Tao, Anna-Louise Haigh offers a wide variety of therapies from Lavender Court in Harrogate, North Yorkshire


  1. SALTY LAMPS.  Manufacturer and suppliers for Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps, Candle Holders, Culinary Salt, Bath Salt etc.
  2. SERENE SPIRIT.  Spiritual jewellery and artifacts for the soul.


  1. HEART OF THE HERD. Emma Dinnage – Registered Healer specialising in Horses. Emma’s empathy is palpable.
  2. ELIZABETH WHITER  Liz Whiter- Animal Healer, Teacher, Author

Nice People

1.  GEORGIA JENKINS  . Working with the star children and star seeds helping to find truth
along their journey of discovering themselves in today’s energy changes.

2. TRUDY ASHPLANT. Tarot Consultant & Spiritual Teacher


1. COLON CLEANSING. Colon cleanse fears answered




  1. www.therapy-directory.org.uk
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