February 7, 2016

Neem “Tea”

Neem Tea


The people in India who made our Neem Tea have demanded that I increase my order substantially. I cannot do this as all the tea boxes have to be date stamped by law, and I cannot possibly sell all the tea within the time frame.

Our suppliers have formulated an Ayurvedic “Tea” exclusively for us.

The revered Neem tree is a veritable “village pharmacy”. Indians drink the infusion of Neem leaves for a whole host of internal problems, giving credence to the belief, in Ayurveda, that the revered Neem tree is a veritable “village pharmacy”. Our suppliers have formulated an Ayurvedic “Tea” exclusively for us. This is more than a herbal tea – it is a nutraceutical tea.

There are 30 bags in a box, each giving you two cups, but do not use the bags twice. Make two cups of Neem “Tea” in a pot. You can drink it hot or cold.


1Neem Patra Ext.MargosaAzadirachta Indica
2GandhtrejLemon grassCymbopogon Citratus
3TulsiSacred BasilOcimum Sanctum
4GorakhpanGorakhpanHeliotropium Supinum
5Arjun ChhalArjunTerminalia Arjuna
6SounthGinger DryZingiber Officinale
7SaunfFennelFoeniculum Vulgare
8Badayan KhataiChinese FennelIlicium Verum
9BrahmiIndian PennywortBacopa Monnieri
10Nagar MothaNut GrassCyperus Rotundus
11Chhoti Elaychi ChhilkaCardamomumElettaria Cardamomum
12DalchiniCinnamonCinnamomum Zeylanicum
13PippaliLong PepperPiper Longum
14Gulab PowderRoseRosa Centifolia
15Kali MirchBlack PepperPipper Nigrum
16Chhoti Elaychi PowderCardamomumElettaria Cardamomum
17LoungCloveSyzygium Aromaticum
18KalmeghKalmeghAndrographis Paniculata
19Patol PatraPointed GourdTrichosanthes Dioica
20MulethiLiquoriceGlycyrrhiza Glabra