May 21, 2019


What you sow you will reap. Marjorie and I launched our fledgling company - sounds grand, doesn't it - sixteen years ago. Fools rush and all that, it was a plunge into the unknown and a real challenge as this was "A road less traveled".  I was 67 years … [Read more...]

Wonderful Neem Tea—Margaret

Wonderful Neem Tea. I have been drinking your wonderful Neem Tea for past 2 years since we met at Aintree. My sister has been ordering it for me..Trisha last me ages...I have recently suffered a bereavement and am feeling need … [Read more...]

Neem Internally

Neem taken internally helps stimulate the immune system, detox the liver, regulates body functions and is effective in treating candida and IBS. Indians know it as a blood purifier. Truly the village pharmacy. … [Read more...]