May 21, 2019

Sourcing and Resourcing Neem

A CHALLENGE We decided to promote the Health & Beauty properties of the Neem Tree about fifteen years ago, going off at a tangent from our previous life in the hospitality business. Easier said than done. What are we going to sell and where do we … [Read more...]

Evolution of The Neem People

In the beginning there was the word ..and the word was Neem Tea. The Evolution of the Neem People has been an interesting journey! We had planned to launch Perpetua Herbals (as The Neem People was originally called) with just one product - Neem Tea - … [Read more...]

Wonderful Neem Tea—Margaret

Wonderful Neem Tea. I have been drinking your wonderful Neem Tea for past 2 years since we met at Aintree. My sister has been ordering it for me..Trisha last me ages...I have recently suffered a bereavement and am feeling need … [Read more...]

Neem Tea

Our Neem Tea is based on an Ayurvedic formula, using synergy. It helps stimulate the immune system, regulates body functions, detox the liver and is a relaxant. … [Read more...]