June 15, 2019

A Diamond

Found in Brecon

“Hi Sidney,
I received both pots of neem cream – http://www.theneempeople.com/browse-products/neem-cream-with-tumeric/ – yesterday. Thanks very much. I’ll be sure to buy more products from you in the future and spread the word about your neem products to friends and family.
My partner and I came to Beacons of Light where your wife applied some neem lotion to our hands. I soon realised it was a bit special as the fresh scar on my partners hand had faded!
I have a friend with eczema and one with psoriasis so I hope they get some.
Kind Regards,

On Wed, Apr 21, 2012


Hi Sydney, I received my shampoo and soap today thank you very much.  I look forward to seeing you and Marjorie in Earls Court in May.  Hope you have lots of Neem shampoo and the wonderful soap,

Kind Regards

Pat Dickinson

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Hello Sidney,

Thank you for your kind wishes (and, of course, for your wonderful mouthwash!)

I would like to wish you and Marjorie and very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.

Kind regards

Trish – 26 Dec. 2011


Dear Sidney

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for processing my order so quickly.

Yes I will – thank you, Once I get back from holiday I will be in touch.

Thanks again and best wishes to you both.

Angela – 8 Dec 2011

Hi Sidney,
Thank you for your email, and also for your speedy response. You have a great online service and I am looking forward to receiving your product.
Hope to do business with you again in the future.
Kind regards,



Hi Again Sidney and Marjorie,

Thank you once again for the quick despatch of the mouthwash.  I so love that stuff.

We were away for a couple of weeks recently and I forgot to pack a bottle, so ended up getting a bottle of mouthwash from the local chemist ….. I can’t use that stuff anymore!!  Gave up, didn’t use it and left it behind at the hotel when we came home.

Trish – 8 Oct 2011


Dear Sidney,
You are such a modest and beautiful soul. I remember meeting you with my son a few years ago and the impression you made on him. He is never easily impressed as he is so intuitive and knows if someone speaks from the heart. You showed him how to use a pendulum.
You have gifts that work at so many levels and I can see why this young lady would be drawn to you. By ‘merely’ making a connection with her you are helping her.
We are all multidimensional and more of this happens at an unconscious level.
John – 1 Oct 2011


Hi Sidney,

Thank you for you email.

I bought the soap first time at the mind body and soul exhibition in London, Oct 2010 and haven’t been happy with any other cleanser :o)

I look forward to the soap!

Kind regards,

Karmini – 7 Sept. 2011


Hi, Sidney.
Thank you for checking. I’ll certainly check at my end, as you suggest.
In the meantime, I’ll send a new order through. I’m nearly out of neem cream and that just won’t do!  😉
Sincere thanks




thank you again. I will be going to Canada in a few weeks salmon fishing and you can bet the mosquitos will be there, but after using the neem oil they won’t be near me ha ha. It will also be good to compare to the people using their brand which I used when I was in Canada a number of years ago before i happened across your web site and it did not repel them in any way. I have never used anything else since.




Michael V – 7 August 2011


Dearest Sidney and Marjorie

The wonderful Neem People

This time, last year, I discovered Neem when my arms and face were covered in eczema. Sunday 30th April I get married! I am wearing a dress with no sleeves, as I no longer “suffer” with eczema, thanks to Neem. You are such wonderful people and I am extremely grateful, not only for discovering Neem but also for your generosity, love and continued support. I trust Ilkley will be successful for you. I will be thinking of you Saturday, but slightly busy Sunday!!

I covered myself up and hid because of my eczema; now I am able to wear what I like and am confident that my skin always looks great, thanks to you and Neem.

Much love and many hugs.

Jules W.

28 April, 2006
I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Neem Capsules. When I bought them from you at the Mind, Body and Spirit show at Kempton Park, you suggested that my fiance take 2 capsules, twice a day, which he has been doing. He has suffered with stomach ulcers, diverticulitus and irritable bowel syndrome for nearly 25 years and even with medication from his GP, he has never really been cured. Since he has been taking the Neem capsules he has not had a single pain in his stomach, apart from the normal over eating discomfort, which of course is totally self inflicted. UNTIL HE RAN OUT!!!! He has totally convinced me, and now I am going to give them a try as I occasionally have digestive problems.I am wishing to purchase 6 x 100 pots, and I was wondering if you could give me a discount for this quantity. Thank you, once again.”
Roberta B., April 2003

I met you at the Health Fair in Barnsley in 2002. I had just gone through a terrible illness and had been diagnosed with everything from eczema to scabies – but none of the prescribed treatments had been working. I bought a jar of Neem Cream from the fair and took it home with me, promising to let you know the results. So now, about one year overdue, you are finally getting my comments.

I wish I had the Cream to use when I first became ill. When I met you, I had the remnants of horrible eczema on my ankles. After using the Cream for only a few days, my skin had nearly returned to normal! I used the cream on the open sores which I still had and they are the only ones which hardly scarred.

…So you have at least one convert! And probably many more as I hope to purchase a bottle of Neem Oil and incorporate it into my practices as an aromatherapist as well. Thanks again”
Mrs I. A., West Yorkshire – 2003
Dear Sidney,

Have received my order this morning. The Post Office is either working extremely well or this is the missing order. If I receive another one I will let you know. Thank you so much for your prompt action.

I don’t know what I would do without you both.

Best wishes,

Gill – 27 July 2011

Link from http://www.heartoftheherd.com: “Quite simply, the purest Neem products I have ever found.
Sidney Vincent sources beautiful Neem Oil and creates fabulous and effective health and beauty products,
as well as great products for animals- All based on the wonderful Healing Neem Tree. E.D. 17 July 2011

Hi Sidney,

thank you for your email. I look forward to receiving the Neem oil. I bought my first bottle from your stall in Cardiff some time ago and found it a very versatile and effective product.

Many thanks,
Luisa 17 July 2011

Many thanks Sid, it would be much appreciated if the cream could be sent instead, and also to my new address.

Love the products, they really do help keep my skin clear!! 🙂


Ann-Marie 🙂
8 Feb 2011

Thank you Sidney,

I don’t know what I would do without you, Marjorie and your neem cream. I spent a small fortune on creams that irritated my eyes to the point where I wanted to scratch them out before finding you. You have saved me lots of money and my eyes as well. My friends are a little disappointed because I don’t give away pots of expensive creams I can’t use anymore.

Like the new website by the way.

Best wishes,


— On Thu, 3/2/11

Hola Sidney,



Thank you very much for your quick answer. It is the first time I order some of your products. It is not easy to find neem products in Spain. I was navigating through Internet and I just had a good feeling with you, although I hadn´t heard about you before.  I´m a doctor in Girona ( Spain), and a dentist as well, and I visit many patients. I always recommend natural products. If this procedure is easy for everybody, we will be very happy to maintain commercial relations with you. For different reasons, I feel very close to Indian culture and its tradition, and  I have  seen the wonderful properties of the Neem Tree.
So I see you speak perfect spanish also!



Thank you very much for your attention.







El 25/01/2011, a las 21:44,

Dear Sidney & Marjorie,

I have recently started using your fantastic cream on a persistent rash on my hand. this appeared out of the blue six months ago and wouldn’t be moved by anything, including full strength steroid cream from my G.P. however after a few weeks of neem it is almost gone and the itch stopped immediately. A million thanks.

Again many many thanks.

Barbara l


“Since discovering your Neem products, my skin has become much clearer & healthier. No more mornings putting layers of foundation on. Fantastic!!! & cheaper than Clarins.

S.G., Derby, January 2004

“Miracle in a jar” says Mrs S W from Brighton. “Have had fantastic results for my irritated eczema flareups, and my 16 year old spot prone skin”. Aug.2006

“Hello Sidney,

Thanks you for the prompt delivery of my order of 4 pots of face cream with turmeric. Have you altered the recipe? this batch of cream is not the same colour as the previous cream I’ve had in the past. I hope you haven’t ‘improved’ it, as I usually find the new improvements in products are anything but. I have found the cream with turmeric to be the absolute best in keeping my eczema under control.


L W – 22-01-07