May 21, 2019


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Have been away, so apologies for not responding sooner.

Thank you for the offer of a free product as a loyalty gesture, and a 100 ml
bottle of pure Neem Oil would be much appreciated. Fantastic for oral

Please be assured of my continued custom.

Philip T. 14 July 2011


Cheers…thanks so much for now. 4 women will be very soft and happy

Have a sunny day

Martina -Italy – 6 July 2011


I love your products, free gifts or not, I shall continue to buy them.

Hajnalka M – 1 July 2011


Hi again Sidney,

This time I’ve ordered in good time so I should have enough to keep me going till the new supplies arrive.

I just LOVE this mouthwash, so thanks again for a fabulous product.

Kind regards

Trish. – 30 June, 2011
I hope both you and Marjorie are well and had a successful trip to India.
I do hate to be a nuisance! and I do appreciate that you must both be extremely busy catching up after your trip, but I have unfortuntley not received my order of Neem cream as yet. I was unsure if it hadn’t been sent as yet or whether it had been overlooked, or lost in the post.
I’m sad to say I ran out over a week ago, something which I never do as I usually order in good time, and it is incredible how my work colleagues have noticed the difference. I use it as a face and hand cream. They have commented on how tired I look, whether I am ill because I look drawn and have dark circles under my eyes. I too have noticed the remarkable difference I have wrinkles and bags under my eyes that Tesco would be proud of!!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you
L….y C….r – 28 June 2011